Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Comfortzone electric underfloor heating warms your home from the floor up, creating a comfortable feeling for everybody to enjoy. It’s easy to install under most floor finishes, can cost as little as 4p/m2 to run and is covered by our 10 year guarantee. Comfortzone electric underfloor heating mats are designed for fast, easy installation in larger more regular shaped rooms. The 3.5mm heating cable is pre spaced on self adhesive backed mesh to ensure an even spread of heat under your floor. The electric underfloor heating cable is connected to a 3m cold tail that can be connected to a programmable thermostat for energy efficient heating when you need it.

Primary heating

Electric underfloor heating can be used as your primary heat source and can replace central heating systems in well insulated rooms where at least 80% of the floor can be covered with an underfloor heating system. Our 150W/m2 system is suitable for use a primary heat source in these well insulated applications.

We also have a more powerful 200W/m2 system that is ideal for use in areas of high heat loss, such as older properties with poor insulation or conservatories. The 200W/m2 systems do not get any hotter, but they reach their target temperature faster which helps to combat heat loss.

For primary heating applications we always recommend the use of an underfloor heating insulation board to ensure all of the heat energy is radiated up into the room. Without an extra layer of insulation you waste electricity and money heating the sub floor before any heat can radiate into the room.

Take the chill off your floor

Electric underfloor heating is commonly used as a secondary or supplementary heating system or to take the chill off a tiled floor. You still have your central or electric heating system but install an electric underfloor heating system to add an extra bit of comfort and luxury!  The 3.5mm cable is thin enough for use in refurbishment projects as there is only a very slight buildup in the floor. The heating system can be concealed within the tile adhesive and is extremely popular in kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms because it aids floor drying and prevents mould and condensation.


Comfortzone electric underfloor heating can be up to 100% efficient at the point of use meaning all of the heat energy created is radiated up through the floor into your room. Installing insulation boards and creating an automatic heating schedule will help to keep your energy bills to a minimum.



Our 6mm coated boards provide more efficiency boosting insulation than 12mm ply board, whilst strengthening timber floors ready for tiling.